Workers who are managed well and looked after properly perform better, our Virtual Workforce is no different

The depth of our team and the insight we possess to preempt and build in agility and responsiveness to change is core to our service delivery model  

We offer our clients a fully managed service because we want the solutions we provide to not only work well from the outset but constantly improve and evolve to fit your business perfectly, whatever your growth challenges

Key aspects of our support solutions include:

Operational oversight & management

Continuity of operations & service

Quality control & auditability

Client & workforce reporting

Operational oversight & management

As with any workforce it is important to ensure that the environment in which the workforce is operating is available and that the team can get on with their work.  Additionally, one of the great features of our virtual workers is that they can continue working 24/7, so when your teams go home they keep working. 

Our Managed Service teams proactively look after our virtual workers, monitoring:

Continuity of operations & service

Periodically the virtual workers need to be retrained due to changes in the environment or the underlying systems, with the Virtual AI Managed Service we proactively;

Virtual AI continuously updates the skills and capabilities of our workers to include these at no additional cost to you.  

By working closely with leading global partners we ensure we remain at the cutting edge of what is possible … so you don’t have to.

Quality control & auditability

As with any operation it is important to ensure that the appropriate controls are in place and that they are easily auditable.

Our Managed Service team undertakes robust quality control checks on all new and modified processes performed by our Virtual Workforce.  This includes maintenance of full audit and technical logs to ensure complete control over the development and deployment of the Virtual Workers.

Client & workforce reporting

It is essential to the success of your operation that we both clearly understand and regularly feedback how the workforce is performing.

The Virtual AI Managed Service team provides clients with regular reporting on:


Only pay for a what you need

We like to keep things as simple and as straightforward as possible to ensure maximum ROI  

A virtual workforce can be made up of both permanent (fixed-term) or temporary workers and you can start with a single virtual worker licence and then add additional workers as required

Our Virtual Workforce solutions include:

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

For clients that simply want to buy their own RPA licences so that they can build, automate and run their own simple automation processes, we provide a range of pure RPA licensing options.  We can also offer the training and support to ensure you maximise their capabilities fully.

There are 3 primary ways in which traditional RPA robots can be deployed:

Unattended robots

Unattended robots work in the background and are not visible to the employees. They come to life when they are sent jobs to do or at certain times of day or not according to their processing duties. Once complete they will notify the business and then move on to the next task.

Assisted robots

Assisted robots work very much alongside employees supporting and guiding them through processes. These robots are very useful for tasks like fraud and compliance monitoring to ensure any rules-based processes requiring the interaction of a human worker at any point in the process workflow are completed accurately.

Hybrid robots

Hybrid robots combine the capabilities of both the assisted and unattended robots, this enables employee to engage in the customer facing aspects of a process perhaps or some other tasks that humans simply do better whilst handing off during the process to the robot in an interactive dual role to ensure maximum benefit to customer and internal stakeholders alike.

Intelligent Automation Platform (IAP)

For clients looking for more complex solutions and a higher skill level in their Virtual Workforce, our multi-tenant and securely hosted IAP enables us to deploy an unlimited number of Virtual Workers equipped with the full range of Intelligent Automation capabilities. 

With a minimum quantity of 1x Virtual Worker you can then flex up and down according to demand levels within your business.

Our Virtual Workers are not only able to work smarter, they are also more capable of learning faster than pure RPA “robots”, as they come equipped with a more developed skill set which includes:

By approaching digital transformation from an outcomes-based delivery model you can have a mixture of RPA and IAP solutions with modular pricing and the ability to flex deployment to cater for any seasonal demand level peaks and troughs.

For some qualifying processes we also offer a range of transactional-based Pay-as-You-Go (PAYG) pricing models to further maximise ROI for lower volume business critical processes.

Why not get started with your own virtual workforce ... it's easier than you might think

If you are just starting out we offer the training and support to help you build your own solutions