Automate then Optimise.
Our development approach is to start small and deploy rapidly

With over 20 years of data science and machine learning experience we have developed a comprehensive software library and a host of refined process optimisation techniques to get you off to a fast start with Intelligent Automation  

If we haven’t already got a solution in our toolset to apply to your business process – we’ll build you one.  Every action we take is aligned to delivering the positive business outcomes you want to achieve, in any department and with any suitable process

Roadmap to Success …

Having carefully identified the processes our development and implementation process follows a carefully structured plan.  It is made up of a number of stages, with us working very closely with your team throughout.  Input will be required during this delivery process and will all be clearly defined in our process development road map, along with identification of all key project milestones so you remain in full control of the process at all times.

Within our Intelligent Automation Platform (IAP) there are a number of tools that can be deployed to solve any given process automation, usually it will be a combination of one or more of these to deliver the required outcomes for your business.

As developers we understand the importance of:

Analysis & Design

This stage of development is crucial to the successful implementation of any automation project.

Our Analysts, Digital Architects and Account Management team will provide:


Process Owners, Process capture document, Input Sources, Trigger process, Volumes & Frequency, Operational Considerations, Acceptance Criteria


Technical Design, Development Estimate & Plan, Testing Strategy, Exception Reporting, Process Considerations

Your participation in the analysis and design stage involves:

Build & Testing

During development we conduct a number of verification steps throughout the build stages to ensure quality of performance, reliability and accuracy.

Our Development and Client Services Team will: 


Configure Trigger actions, Define Orchestrator, Components, Reporting - everything we do is recorded and fully auditable


Component, Process, Test Results, Acceptance Criteria

We’re off and running at this stage … but we need you to:

Deployment & Support

We want to ensure you remain in full control at every stage and ensure that accuracy and the performance is optimised throughout.

Our Client Services & Account Management team will then deliver and manage:


Training, Process changes, Delivering a phased roll out along with full project planning for key milestone dates for process go live.

Full Account Support

Reporting, 1st line, 2nd & 3rd line, KPI Monitoring, Account Review, Steering Group engagement and any planned expansion initiatives. Dedicated account management and single point of escalation for all account related queries from within the senior management team

To make the partnership really work we need you to:

Process Controller Review

During implementation we recommend weekly reviews to evaluate progress, monitor performance, manage issues, risks and budget.
Post-implementation we monitor performance daily and conduct routine health checks and account reviews to keep you moving forward.


We also like to update and engage regularly with any other steering groups and senior level stakeholders to update on progress and evaluate performance.
This is conducted through regular review, reporting and meetings as required.

Risk Management

Everything we do is fully audited and logged. We maintain a full risk register and log all events, requested support tickets and change logs for ease of troubleshooting and reference.

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