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Frequently Asked Questions


We use our own team for all core development work UK-based technical team is located in London and includes Data Scientists, Developers and Project Managers. We have been working together since 2015 which in our sector means we are “old” by comparison to many younger start-ups and newer entrants to the marketplace.

We are currently also running a number of apprenticeship programmes to develop more home-grown talent.

We also use professional development services from leading technology partners as and when required to help us focus on the core process development programming and work openly to develop best practice across our entire software library. 

The development time required for each process automation depends on the level of complexity of the process and we are continually finding new ways of reducing the time to deployment.

We clearly identify the requirement and desired outcomes at the outset of any project.  We work to define all key project milestones, as successful delivery relies as much on your own team as it does ourselves.

This is why key stakeholder engagement is critical at the outset to avoid project stall or bottle-necking.

Very simple processes can take a few weeks from assessment to delivery and launch but we have worked on highly complex automation solutions that have a 6-12 month development cycle across larger enterprise level systems.

We do not launch anything however until it has been fully tested and benchmarked against all defined delivery KPI criterion.

We work to the highest levels of data security, complying with organisational and international standards and protocols.


Nearly every department within your business will have processes that are suitable for automation. 

Pre-requisite conditions are that the data is structured, the environment is stable and there is sufficient volume to justify the investment in developing an automation workflow process.  The better the fit to our recommended guidelines, the higher the ROI usually is, but there are also good business cases which can be made for processes which may not conform based on a generalist approach to process evaluation.  

Our team knows the difference and will flag every opportunity that may exist to optimise your business performance.  That is also why we often start with outcomes and value-based assessment models and work backwards to capture everything along the way.

We commence with a High Level assessment to define the scope and support level required. This process seeks to engage with all key stakeholders and defines the parameters for successful automation and highlights the complexity of development.

This is undertaken on site usually with our team reviewing processes and recording the activities involved.

Yes we do.

Process Discovery is the option to comprehensively monitor all activities across a department/business unit with a software solution we can provide which will not only identify the optimum routes to automation but also highlight the prioritisation of tasks that should be automated for maximum impact.

This process runs over a number of weeks/months in some cases and really helps provide objectivity to some areas where internal business unit perceptions can differ significantly.  Our software can identify the optimum routes to automation and also highlight  all the workflow steps and true time taken to perform processes within your business.

The output of the Discovery Process, managed and interpreted by our team, will provide a clear identification of all potential gains and contribute to the preparation of a staged road map for any Intelligent Automation programme.

Process Mining is a new analytical discipline for discovering, monitoring, and improving real processes (i.e., not assumed processes) by extracting knowledge from event logs readily available in today’s information systems.

Process Mining offers objective, fact-based insights, derived from actual event logs from across your system, that helps us to audit, analyse, and improve your existing business processes by answering both compliance-related and performance-related questions.

How does it work?

Most operational systems record every detail of what happens in a process. Think of these activities as “digital footprints” people leave behind as they move through a process. Process Mining captures the digital footprints from any number of systems throughout an organisation and organizes them in a way that shows each step of the journey to complete that process, along with any deviations from the expected path.

Which one is better for our business?

Process Mining is a slightly different approach to the Process Discovery tools we offer but it is seeking fundamentally to deliver similar outcomes.

The suitability of one approach over the other is governed by a number of factors which our team will go through in detail with you during the High-Level Assessment evaluation process.


We can equip you with on premise solutions or use your cloud based infrastructure in addition to providing our own cloud hosted solutions. 

It is entirely up to you how the platform is designed and from a technology stack perspective.

There is nothing you will need to provide outside of what you ordinarily provide an equivalent human worker.

We train our Virtual Workers to perform tasks in identical manner to their human counterparts within your operation.

What we will need to do is set them up with secure logins and passwords so they can be identified within your security systems.

Some of our clients also like to name their Virtual Colleagues, especially when working in Hybrid Automation or Assisted Automation environments as it provides a seamless bridge to accelerate cultural acceptance of Virtual Workers alongside their human counterparts within your organisation.   

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