Our team can provide you with a "game changing" Virtual Workforce

We have an unlimited supply of virtual workers but we also have a robust team of digital architects, and business consultants with experience at the highest level of global enterprise systems operation

Each member of our team is carefully chosen for their core and specialist capabilities enabling us to remain agile whilst delivering high quality outcomes for our clients

Our Vision

To become a recognised provider of Intelligent Automation services harnessing innovations to improve the ways companies work

Our Mission

Our mission is simple - to help our clients be successful

Our Values

We are customer-centric
We demonstrate integrity
We communicate openly and clearly
We are commercially focused

Do you feel like you have a mountain to climb?

Managing change can feel like a bit of an uphill challenge at times.  Let us help you reach your goal a little faster.

Here are some reasons to consider using us for your future digital transformation projects.

We keep it simple, involving all key internal stakeholders and working closely alongside any in house technical personnel or 3rd party sub-contractors.

This partnership approach accelerates the change management process considerably and helps join the dots between different business areas.

By using out outcomes-based delivery model we are able to help streamline projects and ensure consistency of delivery.

We are a team of operational practitioners and technical delivery specialists that are equally comfortable and experienced in delivering (£) multi-million projects or small tactical improvement projects.  

We are focused on how Intelligent Automation and Artificial Intelligence can be deployed practically within modern commercial enterprises to deliver value for our clients.

We do not “sell” products although we work very closely with the leading vendors of world-class automation solutions and software applications, as well as being very accomplished data scientists and developers in our own right.

We are product agnostic however and have the ability to tailor the tools at our disposal to the requirements of any project to achieve the required positive business outcomes.

At the start of our Intelligent Automation journey, we recognised that quality, reliability and transparency would be key factors in delivering good solutions and experiences for our clients.

Together with our partners we have built a toolset to automate and run “Industrial Strength” simple and complex business processes.

The result of this investment means that we can now deploy solutions for our clients in a much faster and more economical way.

Our Intelligent Automation Platform (IAP) equips us with the ability to deliver proven industrial scale intelligent automation, regardless of the shape of your business, your systems architecture or solution requirements.

Our goal is to help our clients be successful and we have invested heavily to ensure that our solutions are robust, scalable and reliable. 

Since our formation in 2016, our success has been built upon clear and demonstrable value creation for our clients.

We operate from our UK headquarters in London but have representatives, developers and support teams working across the EMEA/APAC/NA regions.

When the solutions we deliver have such a profound impact on the success of your business you need to know the support is there to make sure everything is being managed effectively. 

Technology does not stand still and the pace at which things are moving can sometime appear overwhelming.

By ensuring our Intelligent Automation Platform (IAP) is constantly updated and refined to embrace advancements in our sector we are able to offer you a full service solution that, by design, stays ahead of the game from a technology perspective.

The Virtual Workers we deploy are updated with new skill sets and capabilities as standard and the primary benefit of using our Intelligent Automation Platform (IAP) is that you do not need to learn new technologies or sign up to multiple service provider solutions as we provide you everything you need in one place.

By looking at solutions from an outcomes driven perspective and by leveraging the economies of scale our IAP affords us, we are then able to offer you whatever you need quicker and more cost effectively than alternative providers.

Meet Our Team

Virtual AI are a team of business consultants and digital architects who are Digital Transformation specialists. 

Each member of our team has core and specialist capabilities, enabling them to deliver high quality outcomes for our clients.

Why Choose Us

Full Solution

We have the experience and the resources to deliver projects from start to finish, so you can focus on growing your business.

Great Ideas

We are constantly refining and developing our solutions to take advantage of innovative new products. We keep you at the cutting edge.

Fast Delivery

Our established software library will get you off to a fast start with any new projects. Reducing time to implementation and increasing payback (ROI).

Ready to try Intelligent Automation?

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