Process Automation for small and large companies
We create bespoke virtual workforce solutions

We help our clients improve the quality, accuracy and performance of their existing business operations by automating internal business processes using a virtual workforce, powered by our Intelligent Automation Platform

We evaluate, design, develop and then rapidly deploy highly skilled digital workers who are trained to integrate cleanly into your existing operation, whatever your systems infrastructure or environment and are fluent in over 60+ languages

Our fully managed modular solutions can easily be targeted to deliver positive business outcomes across a wide spectrum of business operations areas to improve workflow, reduce cost and improve business performance, whilst freeing up your existing staff for higher value work

VAI Info


Who We Are

Virtual AI is a team of leading digital architects, developers and business consultants that combine experience with technology to deliver positive business outcomes for our clients.

We have developed an Intelligent Automation Platform (IAP) powered by proprietary AI technology using the very best machine learning-based technologies and products including Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Document Recognition, Audio Analytics and Computer Vision, to automate and improve business processes

The IAP sets the standard for quick deployment of robust, scalable and cost-efficient virtual workforces and our support teams ensure you can get the most out of the Intelligent Automation tools available, wherever you are in your digital transformation journey.

Our headquarters are in the UK (London), we deploy teams to support clients in the EMEA/APAC/NA regions and have a diverse and growing multi-lingual team of highly experienced “Intelligent Automation Practitioners”.

Core Services


Our experienced team provide a range of proven assessment methods including state of the art process discovery and mining software tools, to help you identify quickly where to start in harnessing the power of automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Our goal is to help you identify where you can begin to use our highly skilled digital workforce.


With over 20 years of data science and machine learning experience we have developed a comprehensive software library that enables us to deploy reliable solutions for clients quickly and cost effectively.

Our skilled digital workers are not only smarter but they work more efficiently to complete more advanced processes than simple RPA "bots".

Managed Services & Support

Having all the right tools is only part of the solution. Knowing how to use them and keeping them working at peak performance is where we excel.

Virtual workers never sleep and do exactly what they are instructed to do, but they do need monitoring.

Our team is expert in improving Virtual Worker performance and reliability levels to a standard that is unsurpassed in our industry.

The tools we use

Robotics Process Automation (RPA) - Industrial Strength Solutions
Document Recognition & Data Capture (Documents, Images, Emails, Audio, Video, Digital Media, Handwriting, Unstructured Data)
Professional & Operational Consultancy Services grounded in business experience
Big Data Analytics
Data Science Services
Service Management - Through daily monitoring and KPI's we ensure your processes never stall, even when your business changes.
Training and Support to help your teams move into this growing sector both securely and quickly

How will Intelligent Automation benefit my business ?

How will Intelligent Automation benefit my business

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